The Fox Bank Project is a non-profit family organization dedicated to discovering, preserving, and telling the story of Fox Bank Plantation and the world of that time and place.  We invite you to participate!
Sons of George Lynes Welcome You!
To tell this story, we are searching for records, documents, letters, pictures, and other ephemera that will be scanned and assembled here.  Originals may be kept by current owners if that is a deal breaking factor; we only ask for the opportunity to scan and record them.  We DO encourage anyone holding important historic documents to place them in the safe keeping of the public trust. We recommend The Charleston Museum for this purpose.  The Charleston Museum Archive department already holds many original records of the Lynes family and Fox Bank Plantation.

Although we certainly welcome original documents and are searching for them, please rest assured that we do not intend to keep them at home. They would be subject to fire, theft, damage by insects and other ravages of the environment (such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or other disasters), not to mention the eventual yard-sale or Ebay sale by uninterested heirs. For this reason, all documents of which we are fortunate to come into direct possession will eventually find their home in the Charleston Museum Archives.  There they will be recorded, indexed, known of, and available to be held and admired by descendants, and researched by scholars. High Resolution Facsimiles of originals are available to interested parties. 
Warren Sims at Foxbank Plantation

Our goal is to locate as much as we can to completely tell the story of this fascinating time and place, and tell the story of the Lynes family and associated families, including names such as Joyner, Reidheimer, Morgandollar, Friday (Freitag), Sims,  Maule, Whitfield, Guyton, Haines, Glenn, Johnson, Dennis, Daingerfield, Donnaly, and many more. 
This site will be updated and enlarged as time goes on and more documents are located. 
Thank you for visiting!  Please contact us if you have any knowledge about the Lynes family, Foxbank Plantation, have any objects known to have come from there, or Bethlehem Baptist Church, St. James Chapel of Ease, Groomsville Baptist Church, or have any letters, or other documents that will help tell the story of our large and extended family.  Please check your attics and trunks for undiscovered journals, papers, receipts, letters, photographs, etc.

We are especially searching for information regarding Samuel Lynes (born 1720 in SC) as he is the earliest Lynes we can document.  
If you came here by way of the article in the Charleston Post and Courier and wish to view the document scans, click HERE to see them.