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Zachariah Lynes: who is he?

We find only a few short records for Zachariah W. Lynes:
  • War of 1812 he was a Private in Howard's Detachment, SC Militia;
  • 1824 he paid taxes on 400 acres and 14 slaves in the St. James Goose Creek parish;
  • 1827 he assisted in the inventory of the estate of a neighbor, Jesse Myers, blacksmith;
  • 1842 he applied for a charter for the "Cypress Causeway" which we believe to have been a crossing of Wassamassaw Swamp near where the present-day Hwy 178/78 crosses Cypress Swamp.  Old Gaillard Road intersects near here and runs north.  More on Gaillard Road below.
Here are the records:

US War of 1812 Service Records, 1812 - 1815


Zachariah Lynes



Rank - Induction:


Rank - Discharge:


Roll Box:


Microfilm Publication:




1824 Tax Return:

Zachariah Lynes 1824 Tax Return St. James Goose Creek South Carolina

1827, March 13, Estate inventory of Jesse Myers of Charleston District:
Zachariah W. Lynes one of three men who inventoried estate of Jesse Myers 1827

"A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods chattels and
personal Estate of Jesse [with long-s] Myers late of Charleston District in
State of South Carolina Black Smith deceased, made by
us whose names are hereunto Subscribed the thirteenth day
of March in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight 
hundred and twenty seven as produced and shown unto
us by John Inabnet the administrator of said Estate.
-one lot of Blacksmiths Tools appraised at ...........  $           11.00
- The one half of a Large anvil ..............................                  3.00
- one half Lot of Iron $1.   1 Leather apron 12 1/2....              1.12
- 1 Silver Watch $6.  Lot new books $10.  lot Tobacco $1. 17.00
- Lot rasors [razors?] spectacles, pocket book etc. etc.         1.00
- Lot wearing apparel, truck, etc. .............................           10.00
- The one half Lot new bells [bellows?] $1.75 .................      1.75
- The one half of book [of] debts ....................................  461.22
                                                                                                               $ 506.09
Appraised by us the day and year above written
Thomas May        Zachariah Lynes            William Cumings  "

1842 Cypress Causeway application:

Zachariah W. Lynes Petition for Charter of Cypress Causeway, St. James Goose Creek South Carolina

 from Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, dated Dec 9, 1842. 

ZW Lynes Cypress Causeway Wassamassaw Swamp St. James Goose Creek

Apparently the petition didn't fare too well:

Zachariah W. Lynes petition Cypress Causeway Wassamassaw Swamp St. James Goose Creek

Anyone know who he is, parents, spouses, children? Where born? Where buried? 

Below we see the Cypress Causeway shown on Mills Atlas of South Carolina, 1825.   The road below, seen in front of Rigg's Tavern, going southeast past Lawrence, Drose's Tavern, Cypress Toll House, and Thomas is what is known as present-day Hwy 178/78, with "Old Gaillard Road" or SC State Hwy 27 branching to the right just above "Rigg's Tavern."   The road further to the upper right of the map is present-day Hwy 176, that goes from Holly Hill to Goose Creek (at least).  We know that Edward Lynes was made a road commissioner of Gaillard Road in 1792 which means he owned land along it, following the convention at that time of making the adjacent land owners responsible for the upkeep of roads that adjoined their lands.  

 from Acts of the General Assembly of the state of South Carolina; from February 1791 to December 1794. This entry is dated 1792.

Gaillard Road Edward Lynes appointed commissioner 1792

We also see that John Joiner is one of the adjacent land owners as well.  Samuel Lynes 1720 was married to Frances Joiner/Joyner.  The connection has not yet been determined. 

It is further interesting that this road extends south to the Bacon's Bridge area, where John Lynes 1740 had a plantation and business. In his will he left all his estate to the daughter of Edward Lynes, his brother.  John was married to Peggy (Margaret) Minus, whose father, Jacob Minus had a nearby plantation.  She died a young woman; John never remarried, and directed in his will that he be buried next to his wife on the plantation of her father. All that is in the neck of the woods just barely off the bottom of the map seen above.

 Elisha Mellard seen above is likely the one buried here:  Elisha Mellard This church, Springhill United Methodist Church Cemetery, is located on Old Gaillard Road.