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Land Records

Notes and Information found in  SC Dept of Archives and History, in Columbia, S.C. ( Lynes )

1709:  Land Surveys for Thomas Lyne:  Thomas Lyne received a land grant for 100 acres on the southeast side of the eastern branch of the Cooper River in 1709 (see SC Archives Series S213019, Volume 0039, Page 00066, Item 003)  

Land Surveys for Samuel Lynes:  

1.      In 1744 for 250 acres on the north side of Congaree River.

2.      In 1753 for 200 acres on the Saluda River

3.      In 1763 for 200 acres on the Saluda River & Beaver Dam Creek.

4.      In 1768 in Berkeley County, In St. John’s Parish – Goose Creek.

  1750:  Charleston County Library:  Wills: Administrations & Indents      Vol:   80 a pgs.  38-41   Indenture made 16th day Nov 1750:  Samuel Lynes, Planter, of Craven County and his wife Frances sold to John Anderson weaver for 100 lbs.  All that parcel or tract of land containing 200 acres situate lying & being the province afore-said near the Congrees North side  Santee River & Butting & Bounding the Northward part on land laid out to Richard Jackson now belonging to Herny Snelling and part on land laid out with the said out to Elizabeth Verdetty & part on a tract of Fifty acres of land with which the said tract of 200 acres was originally granted & hath such shape form & mark as are respectively  in a plat to the original grant annexed.  Signed Sealed by Samuel Lynes and Frances Lynes ( X her mark ).

Same Vol: pgs. 42 & 43   Indenture made 15th day Nov 1750:  Between Samuel Lynes of Craven County & John Anderson of same county & province aforesaid weaver.. same property but mentions 10 shillings lawfully money of the province.

 1767:    Register of Mesne Conveyance Office, Charleston County:  Bk  I-3 pg. 127.    Indenture date 3 Dec 1767: between Samuel Lynes & His wife Frances and John Kinscler. Samuel bargained and sold 200 acres—lying and being on south side of Saluda River, butting & bounding on the Beaver dam Creek and on all other sides on land not yet laid out.  The price paid was 200 pounds, and the witnesses were Thomas Hutchinson, John Morgandollar and Frances Morgandollar.

1768:   SC Dept of Archives and History: LYINS, SAMUEL, PLAT FOR 200 ACRES IN ST. JAMES GOOSE CREEK PARISH.  "South Carolina. Pursuant to a warrant to me directed by the Rt. Honorable Lord Charles G. Montagu, Capt. General .. etc., and dated the 27th day January 1768, I have aduced (?) and laid out unto Samuel Lyins a plantation or tract of land containing two hundred acres on Wassamsaw, in Berkley County and St. James Goose Creek Parish: Bounding to the NE on land of George Ceaman (?), and on all other sides on vacant land. And hath such form shape and marked trees as is represented by the above plat. Certified for the 27th day of January, 1768.  Matt. Bradwell, DS"

1774:  From Probate Records Of South Carolina Vol: 2 by  Brent Holcombe, References to Samuel Lynes  p. 129, 130, 131.

         1. # 217 pg. 129:  In the court of ordinary 14 Oct 1774 citation granted to Samuel Lynes of St. James Parish, Goose Creek to administer on the estate of Nathan Joiner late of said Parish decd. As next of kin:  To be read in the parish of                St. James Goose Creek and returned cert’d Oct 17, 1774. 

  1. # 218 pg. 130:  Samuel and Morand Wescot enter a caveat against Samuel Lynes obtaining letters, of administration on the estate of Nathan Joiner deceased until they are heard by themselves or their counsel before the ordinary. Oct 19, 1774.  Samuel Joiner x His mark.  Morand Wescot x her mark. Dismissed the 28 Oct 1774. Witness: The. Win Stanley. 
  1. # 219 pg 130:  Citation granted to Samuel Joiner of the Four Holes and Morand Wescot of St. Johns Parish Berkeley County to administer on the est. of  Nathan Joiner late of St. John Parish, Berkeley County decd.  As next of kin.  To be read in the Parish Church of St. John’s Berkeley County and Ret’d  cert’d .  Oct 19, 1774.

1774: In the court of ordinary 28 Oct 1774.   The caveat against Samuel Lynes obtaining Letters of Admin.  On the estate of Nathan Joiner dec’d was heard and his honor was pleased to order the admin to go to Samuel Lynes and he was qualified.

1777:  Register of Mesne Conveyance Office, Charleston County: Bk   T-4 pg. 438.  Indenture dated 13 March 1777:  Samuel Lynes of St. James Parish, Berkeley Country, to James Boyd of St. Mark’s Parish Craven County, 50 acres  near the Congarees north side of Santee River, bordering west on lands of Elizabeth Verditty, to the north on land laid out to Richard Jackson,  to the east on land laid out to James McKelvy, and to the south on a tract of land of 200 acres with the same 50 acres was originally granted to said Samuel Lynes.

 1786:  STATE GRANT:   3 Apr 1786  -  183  acres to Isaac Lynes situate in Charleston district in West side of Wafsamaw Swamp.

 1792: from Acts of the General Assembly of the state of South Carolina; from February 1791 to December 1794. This entry is dated 1792.

Gaillard Road Edward Lynes appointed commissioner 1792

***   (most below from the office of Register of Mesne Conveyance, Charleston County, S.C.)

 1793:  #  BK. D7  Pg. 135:  Isaac Lynes of Samuel Ulmer release of 234 acres of land and renunciation of dower.   For 12 lbs sterling land surveyed for John Jackson, 23rd of Sept 1793 and granted to me (Isaac) by his Excellency Arnoldus Vanderhorst 26 Nov 1794 in dist of Charleston On N.W.  side of Wasamasaw Swamp, bounding N.E. on Edmund Fitzpatrick’s land and on other side by laid out for John Chevelette,  Dower – Elizabeth Lynes.  Witnesses: Jesse Joyner, Roger (x)  Murphy,  Stephen Ravenel, Register. (Sept 1797).

1800: #  BK. X7 pg.  305:  John Joyner, Jr. to Benjamin Lynes , conveyance in fee.  Chas. Dist.  10lbs. 100 Acres on Gaillard Rd.  bounding N.E. side on Boland Winningham’s land .  20 Aug 1800.

1808:  #  BK. H- 8 pg. 355;   Conveyance Isaac Lynes to William Smith.  Sum of 83.00  for plantation 270 acres in Parish of St. James Goose Creek  located on West side of the Wasamsaw Swamp. Bounded to South on Mr. Hill’s land.  All other sides  vacant land.  Dower -  wife Elizabeth.  Witnesses:  David Hutto,  Gabriel Warnock. 1 Aug 1808.

1813   #  BK.  B-10 pg. 456:  Isaac Lynes , Planter, St James Goose Creek, to William Owens,  conveyance of 2 tracts to William Owens  173 acres & 147 acres.  ( both granted to Isaac).   Wife Elizabeth,  Witnesses:  Geo. Stuggers, Wm . Riggs, Jr.  John Crawford.  7 Oct 1813.

1819:   # BK.  B-9  pg.  335-336:   Mortgage:  Samuel Lynes , St Johns Planter 20 Feb 1819 firmly held & bound unto Wm.  McElmoyle penal sum of  $ 2,500.00 ( 1,250.00  - 625.00 ) in one bond with interest etc.  All that plantation or tract of land called  Fox Bank containing 430 acres (boundaries listed).  Witnesses:  Wm. Lance,  George H. Egleston, & Lawrence E. Dawson.

1822:   John Lynes - Abstract of Record:  Certify for John Lynes a tract of 260 acres (surveyed 17 Nov 1822) in Charleston District, St.  James Goose Creek [Parish] on Wassamasaw Road, situated between Four Hole and Wassamasaw Swamps about 32 [? hard to read] miles from Charleston, bounded all sides on vacant or unknown land; given this 28 Day November 1822.  John Lynes plat, 1822, State Plat Books (Charleston Series), 1784-1860, volume 40, page 57, item 1; Surveyor General's Office, Series S213190; South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCDAH), Columbia.

1828:   #  BK.  J-10  pg. 73:  James & Peter  Readhimer,  Elizabeth McKendree & Charles Simons.   Conveyance of  property to Samuel Lynes, St. James Goose Creek.  $300.00  All that plantation or land containing 186 acres being a part of a tract of 240 acres granted to Donald McConald in 1707.  Signed 6 Dec 1828.  Witnesses : Dower Renunc’s  Rachel Simons, Harriett E. McGinnis,  Leonard Fash, C.I. Channer,  Daniel McIntosh, Donald McIntosh.

1829:  #  Bk.  Y-9  pg, 453;   Isaac Lynes to Jesse Wiggins Conveyance & renounce of dower.  Isaac Lynes, planter of St. James Goose  Creek Parish for $ 250.00 sells 24 acres to Jesse Wiggins, being a part of plantation called  Fontainblu & now in possession of Dr, James Purcell & being part of tract of land purchased by Joshua Joyner from the said doctor and conveyed by him in title deed bearing date 22 Jun 1827. Sit. St. James Goose Creek, (boundaries) 22 Oct 1829 dower renounce. Gracy Lynes.  Witnesses:  Charles Rose,  Abraham Bradwell.

1834:   # Bk.  1-10 pg,  74:   Samuel Lynes  Sr. to George Grooms,  conveyance. St.  James , Goose Creek.  Sold to George Grooms,  Plantation, 186 acres being  the same purchased from James Reidhimer, Peter Reidhimer & others, Heirs of  Peter Reidhimer as per deed 6 Dec 1828.  Described by  a plat of resurvey of 1795 now in possession including other lands of Samuel Lynes.   No evidence of wife signing over dower.  Amount of sale missing.  15 Dec 1834.

1834:      #  Bk.  0-10  pg. 451:  Samuel Lynes,  Junior to T.O. Elliott,  Master in equity mortgage  - sum of $ 1,808.00 payment of $940.00 with interest.  All that plantation or tract of land in St. James Goose Creek, &  well known as  23 Mile House on the Monks Corner road. 

1836:   #  Bk. 0-10 pg. 453:   T.O. Elliot, M.E.  to Samuel Lynes Jr. conveyance.  ( Mortgaged  lands – foreclosure against John B. Miller & Wife, & Children of Hampton G. Draughn & Wife ).  Samuel bought lands for $1, 410.00 at public     auction.  All that plantation &  lands situate in St. James Goose Creek & well  known as 23rd Mile House on Monks Corner Rd. containing 400 acres more less.  15 Aug 1836.

  1838:     # Bk.  U-10 pg. 271:  Frederick Vanderlippe to Isaac Lynes, Jr. ( Referred to as Isaac B. Lynes Jr. several times in text).  Title for $2,000.00 land at Bacon Bridge Cross Rd. and late to property of Dennis Simmons deceased & purchased from Malachai Ford. 40 acres.  Also 298 acres known as Bacon Bridge Plantation on West side of Ashley River in St George Parish, Colleton District.  (Given boundaries) Also documents – bond & Mortgage. 27 Apr 1838.

1839:      # Bk. Z-10 pg.  569:   Coward, Jefse & Margaret to Lynes , Samuel Junior.  “ We  Jesfe Coward of St. Thomas Parish his wife in the state aforesaid …, “ and Margaret Coward on consideration of the sum of  $500.00 dollars to us paid by Samuel Lynes Jr. of St. John’s Parish, Minister of the Gospel.  Tract of land 219 acres situate in the Parish of St. James Goose Creek lying & being in the Chapel Swamp waters of Back River. Bounding to the North by lands formerly  owned by David Deas now claimed by John J. Reardon to the East by lands owed by Dr. Marion now by his estate, of John Odum (?) & to the south & southwest  by land of John J. Reardon.  Dower signed by Margaret.  16 Apr 1839.  See Plat bk E-11  pg. 183.

1840:    # Bk  E-11,  pg 182:   Title deed to real estate; John J. Reardon, planter to Samuel Lynes, Senior.  St. James, Goose Creek.  Sam brought land for $1,373.50 Land & Plantation known as 22 Mile House on Moncks Corner Rd. & 22 miles from the city of Charleston.  ( More boundaries) Carline Reardon, wife, signed. 25 Jan 1840   

1840:   Bk, E  pg, 184:   Title deed,  John J. Reardon, Planter to Samuel Lynes Senior, St. James Goose Creek, for $ 459.58  paid by Samuel Lynes  Senior of Parish of St. James Goose Creek, in the state aforesaid.  Innkeeper, 127 acres east side Moncks Corner Rd. and on Chapel Swamp water of Black River. 25 Jan 1840.  

1840:      Bk.  E- 11  pg.  181:  Samuel Lynes Sr. to Samuel Lynes Jr. Title:  St. James Goose Creek  for the sum  of $1.00 given tract of land known as 22 Mile House, 388 acres on Moncks Corner Rd.  excepting as described on plat as a piece of 73 acres which is not included in this conveyance.  Elizabeth Lynes Wife of Samuel Lynes Sr. renounced dowry.  Witness:  J. Odum & John McCullers  13 May 1840.

1850SC State Archives, under "Samuel Lynis"

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Date: 1850




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1851:    Bk.  0-12 pg, 361:   Title to real estate.  Keating Simons, Jr. & Sr. of St John’s Berkeley to George Lynes of St John’s Berkeley for $450.00 land or Plantation in parish of St. James Goose Creek,  known as “Hickory Hill” containing 450 acres.  Butting & bounding north on land called “ Kibbleworth”  East part on land called “Dockon”. Apart on lands formerly belonging to John Broughton deceased.  South on lands called “Fox Bank” which said plantation conveyed & released, was granted to the late Keating Simmons deceased on 4 Sept 1786.  Signed 27 Mar 1851.

1852:  Bk.  S-12  pg.  287:  Title to real estate.   $2,000.00  paid by Samuel Lynes to James Poyas,  trustee of Mrs H.S. Foster for Plantation  called Kibblesworth in Parish of St. John Berkeley,  1,107 acres. Also land 375 acres granted to John Oldfield  for 400 acres. (dollars  ? )  Witnesses  Thomas G. Simmons & A.P. Lining (sp) 9 Feb 1852.

 1852:    Bk.  U-12 pg. 379:   Mortgage of real estate:  Samuel Lynes to James Poyas, trustee of Harriet S. Foster.  Sum of 3,000.00  payment in 4 equal installments of $1,500.00 .  The said Samuel Lynes have granted, bargained, sold and released and by these presents do grant, bargain & sell & released unto the said James Poyas,  trustee all that Plantation called Kibblesworth in the Parish of St. John’s Berkeley containing about 1, 107 acres more or less.  Bounded east on Moncks Corner Rd. north on land of Mr. Dawson formerly of Dr. H. M. Haig (Haigh) .  West  on the forest tract and south on ------also the forest tract adjoining  having a triangular form and containing  200 acres more or less bounded east on Kibblesworth.  Also a tract of land in the same parish containing about 375 acres granted to John Oldfield.  400 acres, bounded north by land of Mr.  M. Motte east by land of e., Sylbersster  south on land of Isaac Lewis & west by land of Hugh Butler. 9 Feb 1852.

 ****    Written crosswise across document: For value received I Transfer all my rights title & interest in the within  mortgage to John J. Anderson.  Jan 11, 1859.  Signed James Poyas.  Trustee of Mrs. H.S. Foster. Witness: Charles Foster, Jan 11, 1859. The state of S.C. Charleston Co. Charles Foster witness to Jame Poyas sign seal & as his act & did deliver the foregoing assignment.  Sworn  before me  21 Nov 1874.   James Simmons, not Pub. & Chas. Foster.

1852 Bk. H-13 pg. 487:  Title.  Samuel Lynes  to John W. Andres for the sum of  $1,300.00 Sale of Plantation known as 22 Mile House on Western side of Monck’s Corner Rd. containing ____ acres.  Witnesses  D.P. Hough.  Wm. Lynes,  Samuel W. Lynes. 4 Mar 1852.

1853:  Bk.  R-13 pg.  119:   Title to real estate:  Samuel Lynes  Jr, sells to John Donnelly Jr.  tract of land called the Cotton Field Tract containing 106 acres as represented in old plat dated 20 Feb 1820 by a survey made Charles Vignoles being a part of  the tract known as the 22nd Mile House boughted east by the Flood road as  delineated on the said plat; south by the Tom Hill tract owned by Deas, west by land known as McCalls Tract also north by the said McCalls.  Sold for $200.00 Dollars. Dower: Sarah J. Lynes. 17 Oct 1853

 1853:    Bk.  X-12 pg 367:   Title:  Samuel Lynes & John McCullers (?)  executors of the estate of George Grumes  sold to Wade Markley  ____  Plantation ,  1,000.00  acres  + 455 acres included residence now know as  Groomsville. Witnesses: John J. DuBois, James Rice 20 Nov 1853.

 1853:    Bk.  B-12 pg. 514:   Wade H. Markley & T.P. Markley & Thomas W. Markley to Samuel Lynes & Jno.  McCullers executors of estate of George Grumes.

1868:        Bk.  F-15   pg.  335:  Samuel Lynes to Wm C. Bee & Co. Lien on crop.  Samuel W. Lynes of Parish of St. John’s Bkly.   Plantation on the western branch of Cooper River known as the  Farm   20 Jan 1868.

1869:        Bk.  15 H-1 pg. 283:   Samuel W. Lynes to Wm. C. Bee Co. Lien on Crop to secure advances.  Plantation  Farm    4 Feb 1869.

Samuel W. Lynes, son of the Reverend Samuel Lynes (brother of George Lynes)

The years following The War were not good for Samuel W. and his family.  His father, the patriarch Rev. Samuel Lynes died during the conflict, Feb 8, 1862, and we have not yet learned who inherited Kibblesworth Plantation and attached parcels. We see above a mortgage on it (item 25) made in 1852, and then the mortgage holder transferring rights to the mortgage in 1874, after his death. So apparently the mortgage in some form still existed.  Samuel William, his eldest son, is seen farming on "The Farm," a plantation that his Grandfather Samuel 1776 had been manager of since the earliest 1800's (day book and accounting book is in the Charleston Museum archives), and we see from item 26 and 27 above that Samuel William was farming it.  However, we see it listed for sale by Master in Equity in 1869, subject to a lease he has on it until 12/31/1871.    New and Old Farm for sale

We also see newpaper notices of Kibblesworth selling for taxes in 1867, 1869, and 1872.  This last link also shows Samuel W. Lynes losing 72 acres himself.   

By 1888 Samuel W. has given up farming and has moved his family to Savannah, where he is employed as a butcher. (city directory 1888), and running a boarding house in 1891, the year he died.  His grandson, Richard G. Lynes, wrote of him in a note dated 3 Dec 1977,  "Samuel [W.] Lynes, my grandfather was a rice planter. His last years were spent in a wheel chair.  After his death the family suffered for money. Understand they ran a boarding house and Auntie (Mattie Watts) was the strong one that kept the family together. Buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, GA."  

Kibblesworth Plantation is now the Berkeley County Landfill. 

The confusing death notice:

We strangely see an obituary for  Samuel W.'s wife in 1869.  This is very confusing, since we have a picture of her (and back of picture) with her son William Lynes, who was born 1882 or 1883, and she appears alive on the 1880 census (in St. Johns Berkeley).  Also, her name was Frances Durant Watts Lynes, not F. A Lynes.  (She was called Fannie). But the "F" is correct. Was a mistake made of her death? Were the rumors of her demise greatly exaggerated? Does this reference someone else?  In fact, we see her listed in the 1906 Savannah City directory as the widow of S W Lynes, with her son Leon D. "rep for the News" and her daughter "Miss Virginia Lynes" as seen here.    For that matter we see her death record here, from the Savannah Georgia Vital Records, April 25, 1914, buried on the 29th.  Looks like she died of pneumonia (oedemia of lungs) and is buried in Laurel Grove (L.G.)  Lot 2245.  So this newspaper obituary is a mystery.
  • New info 7/25/2013: a record in called "Old Southern Bible Records" lists a Donnally bible on page 111, and shows this entry:
    "S.W. Lynes m. 24 May 1855 to Emma Annamariah Donnelly."  This would fit the obituary, which is evidentally "E. A. Lynes" not "F.A. Lynes." 
    Her obituary reports, "died at The Farm plantation on Cooper River, Mrs. E. A. Lynes, wife of Samuel W. Lynes, after a long prostrated illness of seven weeks."
    We do not know of any children from this marriage.
  • 1870 Census (17 May 1870) shows him remarried, to Miss Francis Watts, 13 years his junior.  Her sister, Margaret, also lives with them and she is 20. Likely they had no other family, since the 20 year old lived with them, and she never left. She was with this family until her death. See above. 
    Entry: "Lynes, Samuel W., 39, M, W, Farmer & Overseer
                   -------, Frances , 26, F, W, Keeping house
                   Watts, Margaret A., 20, F, W, Without Occupation
                   Small, Anthony, 60, M, B, Farm Laborer [Tony?  -evidentially a former slave.]"
    No children are listed. Our records show their first child was Emma P., who was born after this census sometime in 1871.  Five children were to follow. 6 total that we know of.










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