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Where is Samuel Lynes [1776] buried?

posted Jul 15, 2011, 1:07 PM by Jack Lynes   [ updated Oct 13, 2011, 10:51 AM ]
Well, we know his grave is in the Chapel of Ease | Bethlehem Baptist site but his will stated he wanted to be  "interd if convenient with my Father on Wafaamsaw, in my Grand Father's burring ground" but doesn't say their names.  We have his grave and headstone prominently obvious, but if his father and grandfather are there, the stones were either lost, looted, destroyed, buried, or never there at all.  Or they are in another place in Wassamassaw area?  What a mystery!
Margaret Waters opines, "I don't think Samuel (1776-1845) is buried with his father and grandfather since he did not get buried on Wassamasaw. The first Samuel got land on Wassamasaw Swamp (we don't know exactly where) and his (very likely) sons Isaac and Moses also got land in the same area [Black Tom Bay area]. Grandson Samuel wrote his will in 1828 but did not die until 1845. He probably did most of his preaching during those last 15 to 17 years so it makes sense that he ended up buried at the church."  (Bethlehem)
I agree.  So that leaves us to find where Samuel Lynes [1720] and his son, father of Samuel [1776] are located.  We need to track down the original Wassasmassaw plats, locate them on a modern map, interview the current owners, and see if perhaps there is a family cemetery that is unrecorded.  Failing that, they may be in the Wassamassaw churchyard.  If so, then their graves are unmarked, as the list of graves there is well established.