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Scanning in the Charleston Museum Archives

posted Dec 23, 2016, 3:23 PM by Jack Lynes   [ updated Apr 7, 2018, 12:13 PM by Jack Lynes ]
I (Jack Lynes) spent several hours this past Wednesday in the Charleston Museum Archives scanning some materials in the vault.  These are the things I scanned (using "Office Lens" on my iPhone 6s, not a scanner):

  • Almanac of 1862 (in which George Lynes recorded some accounts, activities, and happenings, like killing a buck. It is also one of the crown jewels of the collection in that on one page, he records the birth of some slaves (he always kept careful records of this) and the emancipation of 59 slaves from Fox Bank Plantation. 

  • Plantation Day book that covers the years 1840-1842. These are the years he was on Williamson's Swamp Plantation on the Savannah Back River. We believe this site is where the interstate hwy I-95 now crosses the Savannah River (on the SC side).

  • Comingtee Plantation "Blanket Book" 1841 and later. Records the names of the slaves and the blankets they were issued.  December 1841 to 1859. With some inserted pages. Comingtee and Midway Plantations. Blankest 1st quality, 2nd quality, and infants. Also one great coat was given to Benjamin Feb 6th 1848.

Images will be posted soon.