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John Lynes of Bacon's Bridge

posted Jul 15, 2011, 12:58 PM by Jack Lynes   [ updated Jul 15, 2011, 1:21 PM ]
Startling new information this week from Margaret Waters, a genealogist working on our "case."   She writes: 
 "John Lynes of Bacon's Bridge was not the son of any John Lynes/Lyons. He was probably a son of Samuel Lynes [1720]. I've done a fairly exhaustive review of all of the John Lynes/Lyon(s) records (80 plus) that I could find. There is not a John available who could be John of Bacon's Bridge's father. 
I've been working on a paper identifying the various John Lynes/Lyon(s) and will send you a copy in a few days. I have several more records to incorporate into it, primarily dealing with Revolutionary War activities. It does not include all of the Bacon Bridge John's records as they are so numerous. Those can be in the chapter about his life!"
And yes, we plan to make a chapter on each ancestor's life as this project comes together. 
From a "smoking gun" perspective, if anyone knows how or why we have a John Lynes born 1740, and married to Frances Morgandollar listed on our family tree, please come forward with documentation or let us know how we know. We cannot verify it so far. In the meantime, Margaret is pressing forward in the colonial records.
She also writes later, "It appears that there was a good reason I have not been able to pull your report together yet. Since determining that there was not a John Lynes in the lineage between Samuel [1720] and John of Bacon's Bridge, I have been puzzling over what the family line might actually have been. Besides the time I spend at my desk working specifically on the question, I also find myself puzzling about these types of questions at odd times during the day (and sometimes the night). I had acquired bits and pieces of new information on the earliest Samuels, Moses, Isaacs, and Johns but just could not quite put it all together until today.
I went to the Georgia Historical Library this afternoon and worked through the Colonial Records of Georgia. This is a 30 plus volume of early records of the colony with multiple indexes to the many volumes. Some of the records I found today I had already located in other references but two of the entries yielded some new information.
Isaac Lines who appeared in some Georgia records (Isaac 1-A in the report dated January 3, 2011) [will post soon] married a daughter of Audley Maxwell, originally of South Carolina. Audley Maxwell probably had some connection to Erasmus Audley, the merchant at Bacon's Bridge prior to John Lynes taking over the business. There are also some other indirect pointers to relationships within the Lynes family but I think that this Issac (in Georgia) was a brother of your Samuel and therefor the uncle of John of Bacon's Bridge. Morgan Lines who said that he was from Georgia when he appeared in 1784 in South Carolina to marry Esther Randolph was probably a son of the Georgia Isaac. I think Samuel's sons were probably Isaac 2 (from the January report), Moses, Edward and John of Bacon's Bridge. I suspect the second Samuel (father of George) was a son of Isaac 2 although he might have been a son of Moses.
Well, back to the Georgia Isaac ... I just now (in the midst of writing this email) found birth records online for several of Isaac's children at Midway Church in Liberty County, GA. Morgan is among them, born in 1757. He also had a Samuel, John, Hannah and Ann!"