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A Turner Family connection

posted Dec 7, 2015, 5:45 PM by Jack Lynes   [ updated Dec 7, 2015, 5:47 PM ]
Here is a mystery we've been working on:

We found a death certificate for a young woman, named only "Mrs. Samel Lynes" some years ago.  No other info. No father, no mother, no name.  Born September 5, 1897. Certificate says she was born at "Foxbank" but that's unclear.

 First vague death certificate for "Mrs. Samel Lynes"

I surmised she must be, because of the places and date, a spouse of Samuel Lynes, brother of my grandfather Laurie, and the youngest son of Samuel and Kate.  I called Lillian, the eldest daughter of Sam and Viola, on the telephone, who at the time was still alive and lived in Jacksonville. I had recently spent a day with her and scanned her photos. I asked delicately because it was possible that she did not know and would have been surprised. I asked, "is it possible, or do you know, was your father married before he married Viola?"  She answered immediately, "oh yes, he was married before, but she died very young. I don't know her name, but she was a friend of my mother's."   She said there were no children but other than that she didn't know anything. 

Then, last night, John Lynes and his wife were looking at Death Certificates on FamilySearch and found this death certificate, for Marguerite Lynes:

Second, complete, death certificate for Margaret Lynes

Spelled "Margaret" but I think it's "Marguerite" because of the specific spelling on the 1900 US Fed Census, and a niece was named "Lillian Marguerite Lynes," a daughter of Florence Estill Lynes Jackson, who was a sister of Solomon George and Samuel Jr.  She was born in 1922.  This death certificate is much more complete than the first, and the dates match up to the first one: same or similar death date, same death date, but better info, with name, parent's name, and same cause of death (tuberculosis).  Very sad, 22 year old girl, newly married, taken so young. 
Anyway, we think it's the same person.  Handwriting is hard to read, but it appears the father is L.W. Turner, mother is Elizabeth "Prayer?" "Poyas?" Boyd?"  "Boyce?"  As mentioned L.W. Turner shows in the 1900, 1920, 1930 censuses with Elizabeth as spouse, and at least one child named "Marguerite."  Informant is a "Lynes" but really can't make out the first name. But here comes more deductive interpretation:

Another death certificate, this time for "Elizabeth Lynes."  It's typed, so it's easy to read.  Born July 4, 1872. Could be the mother of Marguerite.  Read on. Name of Husband "George Lynes."  Huh? Wait a minute, hold that thought.  Read on.  Father's name: "John Boyce."   So she was born "Boyce."  That fits the "mother's maiden name" on Marguerite's death certificate. Informant is "Mrs. Louis W. Turner."  Ok, there is a strong Turner connection, and what L. means in L. W. Turner.  We check the tree and see that Solomon George Lynes (older brother of Samuel Lynes who was married to Marguerite and then Viola) was married to "Elizabeth Turner."  This death certificate shows George Lynes as spouse. 

    (We have no pictures for either Solomon George Lynes, nor Elizabeth Turner Lynes at this time.)
      Death certificate for Elizabeth Turner Lynes

So we have discovered that Samuel Lynes, Jr.,  seen below, was married first to Marguerite, who died at 22 year's age, then married Viola, and they had a long life together and produced 4 daughters. 
It is interesting to note that Viola is the sister of Victoria Caddell, the wife of Sam's brother Laurie. 

                        Samuel Lynes, Jr.                                                      Samuel Lynes, Jr. but not sure of the women's names.  Perhaps sisters of Viola?           Sam and Viola at the same time as previous picture, believed to be the wedding picture.

                    Viola and Sam

So, it is reasonably clear that "Uncle George" as he was know to my father's siblings, was married to Mrs. Turner, the mother of his brother's first wife, after her husband apparently died.  No clear evidence there yet, but appears to be the case.  He came to live at Laurie and Vic's for the last year of his life, and he is buried at Groomsville Baptist.  

Also, the death certificates of these two "Turner" women show that they are buried at "Groomsville" but we do not have their gravestones. Marguerite, on the first certificate, appears to be buried at "Smyrna" and there is a Methodist church at Groomsville named Smyrna but there is no grave for her in their listing. We don't have graves for either of them in the Groomsville Baptist yard.  Unmarked? Where did they go? 

If anyone knows of the descendants of this Turner family, please let me know.  Father is Louis W. Turner, a steam engineer for the railroad, wife is Elizabeth, probably married when she died to Solomon George Lynes. Children of L.W. and Elizabeth are Louis Watson Turner, Jr., Jessie Elizabeth Turner, Margueret Turner Lynes, Daisy Boyce? as found on another tree. 

Jack Lynes