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4/8/2013 Foxbank articles acquired today

posted Apr 8, 2013, 5:28 PM by Jack Lynes
Some amazing finds and acquisitions today:
- Deed box from Foxbank, either purchased and used by George (b. 1807) or his father Samuel (1776) or used by both.  Dated to about 1840.

Deed box from Foxbank deed box from Foxbank
Deed box from Foxbank interior label inside deed box, from Foxbank

- two oil lamps from Foxbank Plantation
Oil lamps from Foxbank Plantation

- three silver spoons from Foxbank, one engraved GEL (George Edward Lynes), fiddleback dated by Grahame Long of the Charleston Museum to the era of 1832 - 1850. 
3 silver spoons engraved "GEL" and "GL" 

The other two are Gorham, 1880, engraved "GL" which puts them in the house of George Lynes, Jr.

- one box that once packaged figs, found under the Foxbank Plantation main house in the 1930's, dated to 1889 or later. 
Foxbank fig box